Did you know!

As of 2019, ETFs and index funds together manage more US equities than human-managed asset managers. Across the $31 trillion of US stock market value, quant funds now own 35.1% of market capitalization, compared to 24.3% of human-managed funds.


Robust multi-layer risk management systems and an automated execution platform.
Leading systematic trader, all our quant-based proprietary trading models go through a rigorous process of development in-house and are back tested over long periods of time before going live.

  • Our automated strategies are deployed across asset classes (equity, currency, commodities, debt) and instruments (futures and options).
  • Once the models are built and the information is gathered, quants use the data to set up automated trades of securities.
  • Quantitative trading analysts (quants) identify trading patterns, build models to assess those patterns, and use the information to make predictions about the price and direction of securities.
  • Quantitative analysis is different from qualitative analysis, which looks at factors such as how companies are structured, the makeup of their management teams, and what their strengths and weaknesses are.