Generating Alpha through Algo and Quant strategies

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SEBI permitted Algo trading in India. 10+ years in pioneering algorithmic investment and execution offerings with a strong track record in Indian capital markets.

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I-Alpha: Returns (Sep'09 to Sep20)*
Long Alpha: Returns (May'19 to Sep20)*
Long Short: Returns (Sep'19 to Sep20)*
Allocation Alpha: Returns (Mar'19 to Sep20)*
EIF: Return (Jan'15 to Sep20)*

How it works

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Market Data Study, Generation of trading ideas. Deployment of strategy using automated trading systems
Back-testing and validation using statistical analysis on historical data for the last 10-15 years. Assess – Test in unusual market environments – try to break it. Deployment – Testing the model with live market data, Optimization, Scaling and Portfolio selection.

Real Time Risk Monitoring for positions and exposure • Automated alerts and hedging strategies in place. All investments are subject to market risks, we adhere industry best practices.

Enabling pre-sales tasks and post trade analytics for optimization. Running the model with live market data, Optimization, Scaling and Portfolio selection.


About us

Moonbeam Advisory is a transaction advisory services provider (Sell side and Buy Side transaction advisory, M&A, Corporate Finance) and a distributor of Equity, Arbitrage and PMS offerings manufactured by Estee Advisors Private Ltd (“Estee”). Estee is a SEBI regulated quant-based investment management service provider. It is present across three lines of businesses i.e. Asset Management, Proprietary Trading, and Execution Services.

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What's different

Statistical Advantage
Reducing Risk
• World class low latency platform • Co-located with NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX • Capacity of 10 MM+ orders/day • Tick by Tick Market Data • Fastest Execution • Smart Order Routing capability

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